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It's not Just Your WEBSITE...it's your DREAM.
My customers tell me that my passion and enthusiasm makes the project fun. When you are enjoying the process, everything seems to come together so much smoother.

I am passionate about inspiring people to bring their vision to life. Let me help you take all your knowledge and ideas and together we can create something amazing!


Tannie Cyr


In 1995, my second son was born and I became fascinated with birth announcements. To be able to take a photo of the baby, print it, scan it and create a card was so exciting. That was the beginning of my graphic design career. My friends asked if I could do business cards and flyers and I said sure, why not. Microsoft Publisher became my best friend as I spent many hours learning how to design.

I had no internet or cell phone back then. Can you imagine? The only way to get the information was to buy a book. I don't know how I survived without Google. I just kept learning and growing and taking on more and more challenging jobs and absolutely loved it.

My enthusiasm and determination landed me some amazing contracts and developed some beautiful friendships. What often started out as a website face lift, became a full-time contract. Nothing makes me more excited than helping a new business get started (except maybe really good chocolate).

I have always loved graphic design. I taught myself as a way to earn money and stay home with my small children. Through the years I did take on some other challenges such as real estate and hospitality and enjoyed them all, but design work is my true passion. With my children now grown up, and technology changing so quickly, I decided to invest in myself by going to school. I spent a year learning web design and it was the most fun I have ever had in school. There are a lot of skills needed to create good websites including writing to get the customers attention, writing for search engine optimization, design skills, choosing the right fonts, effective color schemes, html and css coding, adjusting the website to work on all screen sizes and communication with clients.

I am very excited to be sharing my years of experience and my new skills with my customers. There is a world of opportunity out there. Let's have some fun and create something amazing together!


lil meecs website

“When Tannie first started working on my website, I didn’t know where to start or even what I wanted. She was very professional at guiding me and helping me figure out what I wanted. Her passion is immense and precise. She is easy to talk to and the work is always well done.”

- Lil Meecs

colette gaceta website

“I tried to do my website myself. it was so frustrating. Working with Tannie was a dream. She asked the right questions to help me get what I wanted and needed. And in no time I had a website that was functional, professional and beautiful.”

- Colette Gaceta

swoosh canada website

“Tannie, I am writing to let you know what a great job you have done rebuilding my website. It is more professional now. You have managed to make my site better and easier to read. It is also organized so people can find the right pages faster. All my friends ask where I got the site done and I proudly tell them Tannie Cyr did my site and you should get her to do yours too."

- Ron Hopkins


The  Healthy Family Cookbook

Guest Services Operations - Nisku Inn & Conference Centre (5 years)

Village Lifestyles - Wellness Centre (1 year)

Economic Development Edmonton and Edmonton Tourism (3 year contract)

Cooking for the Rushed (4 year contract)

Real Estate Agent Assistant (1 year contract)

Dr. Barry Barclay, Innershade and Planet Biotech (3 year contract)

mobile friendly layouts


Web Design

  • New Websites – I will help you with all the steps from hosting to launching your site.
  • Redesign Existing  Websites 
  • WordPress Websites - that you can update without knowing any code.
  • Wix Websites - you bought hosting with Wix but you need some assistance with layout and content. (The ads make it look so easy)
  • Responsive Websites – your website will be designed so it works with all screen sizes such as desktop computes, laptops, tablets and phones.
  • Testimonial capture - added to your website is a system so customers can record their video testimonials right from your site.  It also allows you to offer a special promotions for those to submit their testimonial and it all happens automatically. I love this feature!


  • Market Analysis
  • Copywriting Assistance
  • Campaign Strategy
  • Branding

Building your following

  • Social Media Campaign – creating a system of posting information on your website and social media to increase your following.
  • Lead Generation – creating interesting, relevant information that your viewer will find valuable to assist in building your email list.


  • Teach you how to update your site
  • Teach you how to increase your following

Ongoing Support

  • Assisting with regular content updates
  • Troubleshooting any issues

Cheering you up on a Challenging Day


Let the fun begin!

I know creating a website can be overwhelming especially when the project is so close to your heart. Sometimes you just need someone to direct you so you can move forward. Whatever stage you are at, I can help. 

I can assure you that I am excellent at pulling all the pieces together to create something wonderful. I have this natural ability to organize information in a way that is easy to understand and user friendly. It is not just a job, it is my passion.

Feel free to give me a call and we can discuss what I can do to help you create and grow your business. 

Tannie Cyr
Edmonton, Alberta

Cell: 780-945-6972

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